The Joint Team of Agam for the Socialization of New Customs Adapted Regional Regulations (AKB) in Palembayan

The Joint Team of Agam for the Socialization of New Customs Adapted Regional Regulations (AKB) in Palembayan
Sosialisasi Perda daptasi Kebiasaan Baru (AKB) di Palembayan Agam

AGAM - Agam Regency joint team, socialized West Sumatra Provincial Regulation number 6 of 2020 concerning New Habit Adaptation (AKB) in Palembayan District, Friday (9/10/2020).

This socialization was attended by the Head of Palembayan Sub-district Ridwan and Ampek Nagari Roza Syafdefianti, village guardians, bamus, sub-district agency offices, sub-district and nagari bundo kanduang, LKAAM, MUI and others.

Chief of Agam Police AKBP Dwi Nur Setiawan as team leader said, West Sumatra Provincial Regulation number 6 of 2020, concerning New Habit Adaptation (AKB) in prevention and control of Covid-19, was born to discipline the public in implementing health protocols.

This is because the number of Covid-19 cases is still increasing, including in Agam Regency.

Previously, the Agam Regency Government had issued various regulations to discipline the community in implementing this health protocol, but the reality on the ground is that there are still people who have not heeded these rules.

That way, making the transmission of the corona virus difficult to contain, so that the addition of cases continues to occur even though Agam is currently in the red zone.

"In the jurisdiction of the Agam Police, there were 245 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 2 of them died, " he said.

Various attempts have been made to break the chain of this corona virus, but until now the transmission has continued to occur due to lack of disciplined health protocols.

Based on this, said the Head of Police, the West Sumatra Provincial Government issued Perda number 6 of 2020, in which the Perda for violators of health protocols will be sanctioned as shock therapy for those who violate it.

This Perda regulates health protocols, especially in wearing masks for both individuals and those responsible for activities or businesses such as religious, social and cultural, economic and regional government administration.

He explained, sanctions for violating prokes for individuals, firstly given a warning and social sanctions, if the same person is still in violation then administrative sanctions will be given with a fine of Rp.

"If administrative sanctions have been given and are still in violation, then the violators will be subject to a larger sanction, namely a fine of Rp. 250, 000 or imprisonment for a maximum of 2 days, " explained Dwi Nur Setiawan.

Meanwhile, sanctions for violations for those in charge of activities or businesses will be given verbal and written warnings, then dissolution and temporary suspension of activities.

If the license is still violated, the permit will be temporarily suspended, if the violation continues, the permit will be revoked or an administrative fine of Rp.

"Then there is also a maximum imprisonment of 1 month or a maximum fine of Rp. 15 million. This sanction applies if the administrative sanction has been imposed and is still in violation, "he explained.

At this opportunity, the Head of the Agam Police put a mask on one of the socialization participants, and handed over 1, 000 masks to the Head of Palembayan and Ampek Nagari sub-districts to be distributed in their respective regions.

The team led by the Head of the Agam Police, AKBP Dwi Nur Setiawan, consists of the regent's expert staff, Aryati, the Head of Bappeda, Welfizar, the Head of the Agriculture Service, Arief Restu and the pulmonary specialist at the Regional Hospital, dr. Elvera Susanti. (***)